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Riding the Market Waves

Stoker Ostler Wealth Advisors Offers Advice on Understanding Your Portfolio

PHOENIX, Ariz. (February 19, 2008) Have you ever noticed that in advertisements, magazines, and on financial news shows there are always gurus who “know” how to beat the market? They show fantastic gains for a few years and they sound like they really know what is going to happen in the future. Then they quietly disappear from the news.

In the real world of preserving and growing your wealth there are no crystal balls and no gurus – no one knows when the market is going to fall and when it is going to rise.  It’s a little like guessing how big the next wave in the ocean will be.  Likewise, chasing short-term growth or investing in a single stock isn’t going to get you where you want to go in the long run, says Creg Ostler, co-managing partner of Stoker Ostler Wealth Advisors.

“Seeking consistent strategies and making wise choices will serve you well,” said Ostler.  “But, everyone needs to understand that there will always be ups and downs.  Even the best investments will occasionally not perform as well as the overall market.  Understanding how your portfolio has fared in an ever-changing investment environment will help you understand the good and bad of your portfolio.”

Ostler offers 2 main things to consider when weighing your portfolio’s performance:

Ostler advises to do this by:

Using a diversified strategyBy identifying several investment categories (asset classes) that have good investment potential and setting up an appropriate portfolio mix, you greatly increase the probability that you will reach your financial goals. All of these categories produce good investment returns, but they do so at different times; thereby reducing the impact on your portfolio of sudden downward moves in any one category.

Following a disciplined methodology within each investment categoryBecause the market is always changing, what made a quick buck for someone else yesterday, probably won’t work today.  So, trust time-tested strategies for evaluating stocks, bonds and mutual funds based on the financial characteristics that lead to excellent investment performance.

Rebalancing:  Adjust the portfolio regularly to ensure that you are within your asset allocation strategy. Follow a strict discipline of harvesting gains (selling high) and using the proceeds in areas that have not done well recently (buying low). This prevents the classic mistake of becoming emotionally attached to an investment and not knowing when to sell.

About Stoker Ostler Wealth Advisors

Founded in 1997, Stoker Ostler Wealth Advisors, formerly Private Wealth Management, is a fee-only wealth management firm that specializes in managing investments and providing financial planning for private individuals and families, small-to-medium-sized institutions and nonprofit organizations with investment assets greater than $500,000.  In addition, the firm provides reporting, periodic rebalancing and active tax management services for its clients. 

As of December 2007, Stoker Ostler Wealth Advisors manages over $770,000,000 in total assets.  Additional areas of expertise include: retirement planning, 401(k)/IRA distribution and issues related to the death of a spouse, divorce, inheritance and stock options.

The firm’s founders, Philip Stoker and Creg Ostler, have more than 50 years of combined experience in wealth management.  Stoker Ostler Wealth Advisors is employee-owned, allowing the company to steer clear of conflicts of interest that can arise when wealth managers are aligned with a product-based financial service company.  Stoker Ostler Wealth Advisors’ independence, combined with the long-standing relationships cultivated with other financial professionals, allows the firm to provide successful, unbiased financial guidance, based solely on the needs and expectations of each client.

Stoker Ostler is headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz. with an additional office in Utah.  For more information, call (480) 890-8088 or visit

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